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How do the ICJ mice Advantage 2021 Online work ?

Dear Participant,
On 2. and 5. 6. 2021 the login data for ICJ mice Advantage 2021 Online (www.icjadvantage.com) (user and password by mail) were sent again.
After login the 1st window of your data sheet will open. At the top you can confirm or decline your participation. Please tick the appropriate box by 8.7.2021 at the latest.
In case of your confirmation of participation:
From 14.7 2021, by which time all data should be entered, all visitors and exhibitors will be able to see each other.
The visitors can select in the database those exhibitors whom they want to contact at the event via Remo and make a concrete appointment for it, e.g. by mail, phone etc..
The exhibitors see all potential visitors and can also make appointments by mail Tel etc. .
AppointmentSlots, if possible every 1/2 hour: 22.7. 15:30 -18:00, 23.7. 9:30 -12:30 and 14:30 -18:00.
On 7/16/2021 all participants can get familiar with Remo.
On 22.7 2021 ICJ mice Advantage 2021 Online will officially start with the welcome, (Remo).
From 15:30 onwards, the agreed appointments can then be made.
Since the needs of the visitors (business situation) has changed partly due to the pandemic, our intension is to give as much as possible Freirau and individuality in the respective contacts.
The internet module www.miceadvantage.com will remain open until 29.7.2021, so that each participant can easily make further personal appointments e.g. Zoom, Tel. etc..
Important for us is the creation of a so-called basic contact for later business transactions.
Kind regards
ICJ Marketing